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Thu, Feb 24, 2005

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Thu, Feb 24, 2005
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I no longer own this 1998 Impreza RS, I now have a 2002 WRX Sport Wagon.

Subaru Impreza RS 2.5

Fun, pure and simple. The Subaru Impreza RS 2.5 Coupe is the epitomy of import driving satisfaction. 165 real horses fed to all four wheels controlled by a 5 speed bulletproof gear box. What else could you ask for?

Honestly? About 100 more horses. I admit it. I'm greedy. I want to be temporarily blinded by the acceleration of this 2 door rocket. I want to feel the blood drain from my hands and rush to my back as I bury the accelerator. Unfortunately the factory turbo charged version is not available state-side. So what do we do?
Coming Soon...
JC Sports offers a completely bolt-on kit that adds 75% more horsepower (dyno tested). Sweet. But before investing $2600 USD I'd like to have a little fun with some relatively inexpensive tweaks:
  • Anti-lift kit (Less front end lift. Better Handling.) DONE!
  • Rear Sway Bar (Less body roll, understeer. Better handling.)
  • Strut Tower Brace (Lessens understeer. Better handling.) Don't need it.
  • Less Restrictive Air Intake (More O2, torque, HP.) DONE!
  • Less Restrictive Exhaust (Louder, more HP, torque.)
  • Air/Fuel Computer (AFC) (Richens the fuel mix at specified RPM points.) DONE!
All of these should account for more stability and better performance on the road as well as on the local track. Check back often for updates and project photos.
Impreza RS 2.5
Impreza RS 2.5
Latest News:
Another year is upon us and the holidays have come and gone. I'm sorry that updates have been delayed. Gina and I were on the road or entertaining company every day (except 2) of the last week-and-a-half. Christmas was full of family time on the East Side, Northeast, West, and just about everywhere in between. We gave and received many gifts. One of our favorites was a wine tower that allows us to store bottles, glasses and accessories. Gina's wardrobe got a substantial update as well as her movie and cd collections. I scored some great stuff including a REALLY nice pipe lighter and a badly needed robe.

We started planning our Honeymoon over the holidays as well. We've decided on the Mayan Rivera in an all-inclusive resort. We met with a close family friend at Omega Travel and things are underway.
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The new Leinninger.com server is up and working well. It's a Compaq ProLiant with dual 200 mhz p-pro processors, 287m of ram, approx 200 gigs of ATA100 storage, a 6-drive RAID5 SCSI array, and a few other goodies. It should be very stable now (running Gentoo Linux) and easier to maintain and upgrade. This site is not hosted on Leinninger.com in it's entirety. The good peeps at The Collective keep things frosty right now. However, I'm hoping to move Etcetera to the Leinninger.com server(s) within the next 9 months.